, editor and colorist
buy a personal code to increase the processing time limit to 200 seconds for 1 year (21 Euros)
Buying a code only guarantees the processing time limit will be increased to 200 for 1 year
Buying a code does not guarantee
  • that the tool will fit for a particular purpose or meet your expectations
  • technical support
Before buying the code, you are advised to test the tool you're intersted in by using a test timeline (or datasheet, table...)
  • the test timeline will have only a fraction of the original data
    • if the tool gives excpected results with the test version but not the full version
    • if you get to the error page after 3 seconds
    • then it's probably a problem with the processing time limit.
How to avoid buying a code :
  • divide your timeline into reels, to be processed individually
  • for the Import Subtitle Tool : use a .csv export of your datasheet, rather than an Excel Spredasheet.