, editor and colorist
DCP subtitling tools
Changelog (current version 1.01)
  • 2013-04-18 : custom asset-uuid and assetid fixed
  • 2013-04-08 : fixed a recently introduced bug with UUID on Interop subs
  • 2013-04-07 : correction on smpte subtitle namescpae (thank you Wolfgang)
  • 2013-03-09 : downgrade asdcp-test to 1.7.40 (from 1.9.45) to improve compatibility
  • 2013-03-09 : interface simplified, more clever error messages
  • 2013-02-19 : better handling of bold and italic lines in subtitles
  • 2013-01-04 : change in default space between two lines, can now be float
  • 2012-12-19 : the & is changed to & inside subtitles for xml compatibility
  • 2012-10-23 : asdcpKind information is added on Interop versioning
  • 2012-09-29 : contentVersionId are regenerated, interop and smpte subtitles output are conform to the spec according to Wolfgang Woehl's dcp_inspect
  • 2012-09-26 : better error handling in xml
  • 2012-06-20 : better handling of subtitle uuids consistency between xml subtitle file and pkl/assetmap
  • 2012-06-20 : 'interop packaging' + 'versioning (interop' : the font is not added anymore to the root of the DCP, it's only added to the folder containing the xml subtitle file'
  • 2012-06-07 : new tool versioning a DCP into several CPLs
  • 2012-05-10 : corrected bug with number of lines check
  • 2012-05-08 : improved srt handling : fixed bug in code that prevented lines being recognized
  • 2012-05-08 : fixed bug in code that prevented using the xml generation tool
  • 3D Support for Interop Packaging
  • choice of color
  • bug correction in interop packaging : namespace is not added anymore
  • srt subtitles are now ok
  • EntryPoint of subtitle track for interop packaging is now 0
  • asdcp-test repaired to work on the new server
  • subs are now properly bottom aligned
  • change of default values for font size, vposition, and distance between two lines
  • improvement in validation against the smpte schema and the interop DTD
  • Thank you Wolfgang Woehl : correction of font URI (Interop), no more use of CDATA elements (Interop and smpte), no more redundant dcst: qualifications (smpte)
  • interop subtitles now have a schema hosted on this server and built from smpte specifications
  • smpte subtitles are run to validate the generated xml against smpte's xsl, and the output is displayed
  • asdcp-test output is displayed
  • mxf generation for smpte standard
  • smpte standard
DCP crafted with these tools (both 24 and 25, both Interop subs and Smpte subs) are on Charbon Studio's DCP resources