, editor and colorist
fix Color's crash on save bug
  • some versions of Color 1 seem to be stuck when saving
  • actually Color is not stuck, it's 'only' trying to compress the whole 'Documents/Color Documents' folder, which can be very long if there are render files in it
  • it's a Color bug, which calls badly the shell command 'tar'
  • there are 3 solutions :
    • when Color is stuck on saving, open the terminal and enter the command 'killall gzip' (without the '')
    • download and launch this application : fix tar for Color
      • it replaces the normal 'tar' binary with a small script, that does nothing when called badly by Color, and calls the normal 'tar' otherwise
      • to set the system back to its original state, suffice is to launch a second time fix tar for Color
      • the application is open-source and can be opened in Applescript Editor
  • technical nitty gritty
    • Here is the exact call to tar that is made by Color :
      tar -czf -C /Users/USERNAME/Documents/Color Documents/ --exclude=StillStore --exclude=FinalPrint --exclude=Archives PROJECT_NAME.colorproj
      There is no archivename, so tar uses "-C" as an archivename and compresse all the folder ~/Documents/Color Documents/ in the file /-C
    • a correct code would have been :
      tar -czf ARCHIVENAME -C /Users/USERNAME/Documents/Color Documents/ --exclude=StillStore --exclude=FinalPrint --exclude=Archives PROJECT_NAME.colorproj