, editor and colorist
This tool verifies, formats or modifies an edl.
1. upload an edl
2. operation
Read source timecode at frames/second,
Read record timecode at frames/second
re-format the edl, and warn about inconsistencies between rec and source timecodes
réparer l'EDL de Liberty : renuméroter les plans, remplacer le nom de bande UNKNOWN par le nom de fichier
adjust the out point of the source shots so as to match the duration of the record shots
copier le nom de plan en nom de bande
tape name (or reel number) to shot name
adjust the out point of record shots so that the duration of source shots be the same as the duration of record shots
adjust the in and out point of the source shots so that the length of the source shots is the same as the length of the record shots
add to src shots frames at the beginning (in point), and frames at the end (out point), then adjust rec shots so that the duration of rec shots is the same as src shots
translate the timecode of the src shots to frames/second
copy the reel number to the source tc, and setup the shot speed to 0 (useful to have the baselight recognize edls having still images such as subtitles)
duplicate the data from the record shots to the source shots, then substract frames
dupliquer les informations de plan source en plan record
fill the gaps in the edl by creating new shots
make unique reel numbers
build a consolidation script for an image sequence, using as a first image
copy the long name of the reel into the shot name, and add
delete EDL extras (comments...)