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Post production tools for the Red Camera
Convert RMD files to RSX
This tool serves to convert RMD files into RSX files (video demo)

The RMD files are generated by RedCineX, and are said to be RSX 2.0 by Red
RSX files are generated by RedAlert, and can be read by other software
Tu use it
Download Red_rmd_to_rsx.app : it's a small applescript application
Launch Red_rmd_to_rsx.app : the software open a folder select dialog, then search for every .RMD file present, and send them one by one to be uploaded on this server, so as to be converted in .RSX
Attention ! If an .RSX file are already in the same folder as an .RMD, it will be overwritten
Supported Red settings : kelvin gammaspace (everyone but srgb and reGamma) colorspace (everyone but srgb and redColor) iso saturation tint contrast brightness exposure RGB gains luma curve (not RGB curves)
Unsupported Red settings : colorspace RedColor, gammaspace redGamma, flut, shadow, sharpness, denoise, lift, gamma, gain, RGB curves
If it does not work : open the .RSX file in TextEdit, it should have an error message in it