, editor and colorist
1. prepare the timeline
  • export your timeline from FCP as xml (demo video)
2. upload a Final Cut Pro timeline
3. operation
list every shots
list effects
delete the '3-way Color Effect'
supprimer les metadata
delete everything but the editing
rename shots having illegal characters in their name
reduce the size of the names to caracters
make the name unique
put the shots of track 1 into a chess pattern
List flash frames (1 image shot)
delete timewraps, by making the timeline editing shorter or longer
correct the mixedratesoffset
numéroter les noms de plans à partir de 1
number the shots like Color would (1_g1.mov for the first shot, 2_g1.mov for the second shot), using
as the render forlder (example)
link all the media to the file
link all the media to the file
Clean :
aux timecode
file history
delete audio tracks from clips
(export a bin as xml, not a timeline download a sample xml)
add synchroneous sound to the video clips of the timeline, looking for a matching sync clip in a bin
(export in your xml a bin and a timeline download an example)
autosynchroniser les clips images seules d'un chutier avec les sons seuls d'après le timecode
(export the bin as xml)
Vérifier que tous les clips présents dans un chutier "render" sont aussi présents dans un chutier "ref" et qu'ils ont la même durée
(exporter deux chutier en xml)
adjust offset of the clips of a bin : according to the in point on the image, and the first marker on the sound
(export the bin as xml)
repair the media end of video clips to match the duration of the video clips
(export the bin as xml)
compute total duration of all the clips inside a bin
(export the bin as xml)
list every clips in a bin and calculate the uncaptured holes between every clip
(export a bin as xml, not a timeline download a sample xml)
changer le nom de bande d'après le nom de plan