, editor and colorist
This tool helps with subtitling in Final Cut Pro.
It can be used for spell-checking, translation, formatting, and dvd authoring.
Supported subtitles : Final Cut Pro text generators, DH_Subtitle (by Digital Heaven), Text Up (by Spherico), Belle-Nuit Subtitler
why to go from Belle Nuit Subtitler to Final Cut Pro
  • Belle Nuit is useful to write and export subtitles. But Final Cut Pro is better to work on the rythm.
  • This tool allows to transfer a whole Belle Nuit project into an FCP timeline : every subtitle appears as a text generator. The text and the rythm of every subtitle can be improved in FCP. Then one can go back to Belle-Nuit using the tool FCP to Belle-Nuit.
1. prepare an xml timeline
  • export a timeline as xml from Final Cut Pro (demo video)
  • The subtitles will be added on a new track on the timeline
2. upload a Final Cut Pro timeline
3. enter the subtitles of the Belle-Nuit project
Belle-Nuit subtitles (or use an example)