, editor and colorist
This tool helps with subtitling in Final Cut Pro.
It can be used for spell-checking, translation, formatting, and dvd authoring.
Supported subtitles : Final Cut Pro text generators, DH_Subtitle (by Digital Heaven), Text Up (by Spherico), Belle-Nuit Subtitler
import in an FCP timeline subtitles from a .srt file
  • This tool serves to import every subtitle in an srt file into Final Cut Pro, as text generators items. Then, one can pass to Dvd Studio Pro using the tool FCP to DVD Studio Pro
  • The .srt file must be as text. When opened in TextEdit, it must look like this :
    00:02:41,434 --> 00:02:44,426
    - Hi Sonia.
    - Hi.
    00:02:44,537 --> 00:02:46,835
    - How are you? Good week?
    - Not bad, and you?
    Download a model.
1. prepare an xml timeline
  • export a timeline as xml from Final Cut Pro (demo video)
  • The subtitles will be added on a new track on the timeline

download a sample xml.
2. upload a Final Cut Pro timeline
3. upload the .srt file
4. launch the computing