, editor and colorist
This tool helps with subtitling in Final Cut Pro.
It can be used for spell-checking, translation, formatting, and dvd authoring.
Supported subtitles : Final Cut Pro text generators, DH_Subtitle (by Digital Heaven), Text Up (by Spherico), Belle-Nuit Subtitler
1. create a cvs or xls spreadsheet
  • Use a spreadsheet application (eg Microsoft Excel) to build a table having only 3 columns :
    • 1 column "tc_in" : timecode at which the subtitle starts
    • 1 column "tc_out" : timecode at which the subtitle ends
    • 1 column "text" : the text of the subtitlle
  • get an example of spreadsheet : in .xls format (Excel), in csv format (any other spreadsheet application)
  • Save your spreadsheet as an xls file (Excel) or csv file (Comma Separated Values, any spreadsheet app)
2. prepare an xml timeline
  • In Final Cut Pro, add a subtitle to be used as a template
    • the text of the template subtitle should be : "TEMPLATE" (uppercase, no quotes)
    • imported subtitiles will have the same formatting as the template subtitle
    • if no template subtitle is found, a generic one will be used
  • export your timeline from FCP as xml (demo video)
    download a sample xml.
  • the subtitles found in your spreadsheet will be put on a new video track.
3. upload your spreadsheet (Excel or CSV)
4. upload a Final Cut Pro timeline
5. launch the computing